Thursday, 24 January 2013

X-ZooM V2 Custom Rom For Micromax A60

[v2] custom Rom without Netlock , based
on Froyo.


1. Netlock Permanently Removed

2. Battery Backup Improved

3. Transparent Statusbar

4. Xeperia themes

5. ONANDROID added[ For adt user to
make backup] [thanks to

6. CHTHEME added [for adt user to flash

7. USB problem almost solved.

8. Full 30 steps volume control

9. Colored setting

10. New Miui Aroma Installer For Recovery

11. Cool Transparent Background Picture

12. Contact app modified by abhijit

13. Added Extra Tab in Setting With Rom

14. Added Hard Gaming Tweaks by abhijit

15. Sound Quality increased as well as

16. Dsp Manager installed

17. Ported Some GALAXY S2 Sound Files

18. Added Colored Icon in Power Menu

19. Extended power menu

20. Added glassy orange colored icons

21. Volume Bar Became Transparent

22. Font Get Changed

23. Cool New Transparency For Almost All
Apps By abhijit

24. Transparency Effect in Widget

25. Transparency Effect in Popup Window

26. Based on Froyo as well as Karbonn

27. Zip Aligned

28. Smooth Scrolling Mod in Framework

29. Stock Message App modified by abhijit

30. Changed Clock Font Color to ORANGE

31. No Auto Conversion of Lengthy SMS to

32. Modified Settings App to ICS Style

33. All New Buttons And Layout

34. New Droid Boot animation

35. No Annoying Sound From Low Battery

36. New Tweaks Added By Me

37. Performance Tweaks

38. Battery Tweaks Added

39. New x-zoom ubber cool Power Off
Animation By abhijit

40. Smooth Touchscreen Tweaks

41. Added xperia launcher (thanks to

42. All New Icons For Apps in apps drawer

43. Removed Stock Keyboard

44. Added Smart Keyboard App As Default

45. Added Dictionary For Keyboard

46. Added build.prop & init.d Tweaks

47. New Option Select Layout

48. GPS Fixed

49. VPN Fixed (thanks to Abhishek singh)

50. All New Layout

51. Added Mi-explorer Instead of Root

52. Added Maxathon Browser

53. Superuser is Added

54. Status Bar Highly Designed

55. New Icons are Installed

56. Pre-rooted

57. Added Network Tweaks For Faster

58. New Progress Bar

59. Increase Camera Quality

60. Black n White USB picture changed with
Colored One.


Guys there is an app in X-zoom-v2 name
' X-ZOOM Battery Maintainer ' included in
Rom to increase the battery life.
But to make it work u have to charge
your cell after flashing x-zoom Rom upto
full 100%.
Then open that app & press the BOOST-X
Then remove the charger & enjoy a great
battery life.
I am 100% sure that u will find the

DOWNLOAD ( only recovery user) use cwm

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