Thursday, 24 January 2013

Custom Rom For Micromax A50 Ninja [X- ZOOM 4.0] : How To Update Micromax A50 Ninja

The First Custom Rom For Micromax A50
Ninja is by Varun.Chitre.15 (JetMod3.0)
which was released in back 10th June
So after 6 months of JetMod , I am Going
to Release X-ZOOM v-4.0 For Micromax
X-zoom V4.0 Is Fully Built From Scratch,
Having a Lot of Features(will discuss
Ok...So Before Going Onto Features,Let
Me again Remind You Some
Specification of Micromax A50.

X-ZOOM v4.0 Features

Completly Deodexed
Transparent Apps (most of all)
Transparent Statusbar
Advanced Power Menu (reboot &
recovery mode)
Full ICS Theme
ICS Style Setting.apk
Quick Toggle Option added In Settings
New LockScreen.
Added Init.d Support
Lots of Init.d Tweaks Added (thanks to
Forever King for GeekyEngine)
Smooth Scrolling Mod In Framework
Huge Battery Improvements
Forced Launcher Into Memory
Faster Network
Hardware Accelaration (better
Jelly Bean UI Sound
Completly Bareboned (removed all
crappy apps)
New ICS BootAnimation
Added Nano+Syro Text Editor
(Developing Tools)
Added Bash Shell
Added SupperCharger Script (For
Immense Boost)(Thanks to Zepellinrox's)
Lots Of Built.prop Tweaks
Default Luncher ( u tell me which one
you want in comments below)
Sony-Xloud Added (want or not??)
Sony Bravia™ Engine Added (Better LCD
SupperCool Animation ( transition)
GPU rendering For Better Graphics
Blocked Unwanted Ads from Browser &
Apps (Host File Added)
Removed Annoying Boot Sound ( do you
guys want that sound??)
There are lot of other features ...

How To Install This Rom
1. Place the zip in the root of ur sd card
2. then boot into recovery
3. wipe data advanced clear dalvik cache
5. go to install zip frm sd the rom zip
7.after installation.... reboot
8 . enjoy

Download Link For X-zoom


X-ZooM V2 Custom Rom For Micromax A60

[v2] custom Rom without Netlock , based
on Froyo.


1. Netlock Permanently Removed

2. Battery Backup Improved

3. Transparent Statusbar

4. Xeperia themes

5. ONANDROID added[ For adt user to
make backup] [thanks to

6. CHTHEME added [for adt user to flash

7. USB problem almost solved.

8. Full 30 steps volume control

9. Colored setting

10. New Miui Aroma Installer For Recovery

11. Cool Transparent Background Picture

12. Contact app modified by abhijit

13. Added Extra Tab in Setting With Rom

14. Added Hard Gaming Tweaks by abhijit

15. Sound Quality increased as well as

16. Dsp Manager installed

17. Ported Some GALAXY S2 Sound Files

18. Added Colored Icon in Power Menu

19. Extended power menu

20. Added glassy orange colored icons

21. Volume Bar Became Transparent

22. Font Get Changed

23. Cool New Transparency For Almost All
Apps By abhijit

24. Transparency Effect in Widget

25. Transparency Effect in Popup Window

26. Based on Froyo as well as Karbonn

27. Zip Aligned

28. Smooth Scrolling Mod in Framework

29. Stock Message App modified by abhijit

30. Changed Clock Font Color to ORANGE

31. No Auto Conversion of Lengthy SMS to

32. Modified Settings App to ICS Style

33. All New Buttons And Layout

34. New Droid Boot animation

35. No Annoying Sound From Low Battery

36. New Tweaks Added By Me

37. Performance Tweaks

38. Battery Tweaks Added

39. New x-zoom ubber cool Power Off
Animation By abhijit

40. Smooth Touchscreen Tweaks

41. Added xperia launcher (thanks to

42. All New Icons For Apps in apps drawer

43. Removed Stock Keyboard

44. Added Smart Keyboard App As Default

45. Added Dictionary For Keyboard

46. Added build.prop & init.d Tweaks

47. New Option Select Layout

48. GPS Fixed

49. VPN Fixed (thanks to Abhishek singh)

50. All New Layout

51. Added Mi-explorer Instead of Root

52. Added Maxathon Browser

53. Superuser is Added

54. Status Bar Highly Designed

55. New Icons are Installed

56. Pre-rooted

57. Added Network Tweaks For Faster

58. New Progress Bar

59. Increase Camera Quality

60. Black n White USB picture changed with
Colored One.


Guys there is an app in X-zoom-v2 name
' X-ZOOM Battery Maintainer ' included in
Rom to increase the battery life.
But to make it work u have to charge
your cell after flashing x-zoom Rom upto
full 100%.
Then open that app & press the BOOST-X
Then remove the charger & enjoy a great
battery life.
I am 100% sure that u will find the

DOWNLOAD ( only recovery user) use cwm

Custom Rom for Micromax A45 Punk [Extreme Mod 1] | Update Micromax A45 Punk

Micromax A45 Punk Is a Well Known Device
From the house of Micromax. A45 got root
access & also got cwm 6 with in a very
short period of time. And Now going to get
the first Custom rom [Extreme Mod 1.0],
with in Few days. Releasing with Andro-
Some Work related to  Rooting & some
theming is left so need few more times to
fix them.
Then a brand New custom rom will be
available. Just what you need to do is
Download the Rom zip & flash it though
clock work mod recovery.
So now lets check some features of
this Awesome Rom.
Extreme MoD 1.0
1. Pre-Rooted.
2. Ics Themed.
3. Complete Ics Apps Background.
4. Added New Ringtones.
5. Zip aligned.
6. Added Bravia Engine.
7. Added Xloud.
8. Supper Smooth scrolling mod.
9. Transprent Lock screen
10. Transparent Statusbar
11. Modified settings app
12. New Bootanimation
13. Added init.d tweaks Support
14. Added lot of tweaks
15. Performance tweaks
16. Battery tweaks
17. Remove Boot sound
18. Smooth touchscreen tweaks
19. Increased battery backup
20. Added build.prop tweaks
21. Added init.d tweaks
22. 1% battery mod
23. Support Ext2
24. Ext4
25. Swap Supported
Lot More Features Waiting Inside

How To Install This Custom
You need to install Cwm 6
Now if you have Cwm 6 installed.
Then you can go with below process to
install this rom , in your Punk.

1. Download the Rom Zip.

2. Place the zip In Sdcard Root.(not inside
any folder)

3. Boot into Cwm 6 Recovery.

4. Wipe Data & Cache.

5. Wipe Cache.

6. Select Mounts and Storage>format

7. Select Advance > wipe dalvik cache >yes

8. Then Flash this Rom.

Credit's For this Rom
Sahil Deep (creator of Extreme


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Custom Rom For MicromaX A52 Aisha - X-zoom 3| How to update Micromax A52

[Custom ROM] X-zoom 3.0 |
Micromax A52 | ICS Theme
Guys here comes my X-zoom version 3.0
Based on Gingerbread 2.3.6 for A52
Few days ago I have released a rom for
But unfortunately there was having
some Root problem,
But now that problem get fully fixed.
So go for it....
Without hesitating...
Lets move on to features.....
* New Ics theme Created by me
* Pre-Rooted
* super cool new Transparency for
almost all apps By MEEE
* Based on Gingerbread
* Boot sound Added
* Jelly Bean Sound Packs
* Zip aligned
* Ported Galaxy S2 Sound Files
* Added Bravia Engine
* Upto 30 step Volume Control
* Smooth scrolling mod in framework
* changed clock font color to match
* Lock screen chnaged
* Modified settings app
* All new buttons and layout
* New Bios bootanimation
* New tweaks added by me
* Performance tweaks
* Battery tweaks
* Smooth touchscreen tweaks
* Increased battery backup
* Added modified Holo Launcher
* All new icons for Apps
* Added build.prop and init.d tweaks
* 1% battery mod
* New option select layout
* All new layout
* Superuser is added
* Edited status bar
* Pre-rooted
* Added network tweaks for faster
* New Progress Bar
* All new buttons and layout
* Increase camera quality
* Animated anolog clock app added
* No Gapps to follow rules
How To Install This RoM
Use Cwm 6 to flash This rom

Go on with below steps to install the
Download the Rom Zip
Place the zip In Sdcard
Goto Cwm6 Recovery
Wipe Data & Cache
Mount the system from recovery
Flash The Rom Zip
Then Reboot


X-ZOOM by Abhijit Guha (( ))